Rihanna flaked on a show she was scheduled to perform at in Nigeria, even though she’d already received a fat chunk of her payday … according to the guy who booked her for the gig — but Rihanna is claiming BS. Chris Ubosi and his company, Megalectrics, are suing RiRi over a 2013 concert that never […]

This is how you turn heartbreak into the best comeback of all time.


The soccer match between Iran vs. Nigeria was less than impressive and the World Cup tournament has been filled with great game, lots of scoring and…


Even though Beyonce and Jay Z are dominating what we read in the news, Nigeria is still in unrest. Residents of three northeastern Nigerian villages…


Tensions are rising in Nigeria as President Goodluck Jonathan decided to ask the U.S., Britain, France and China for help. CNN is reporting that Goodluck…


It looks like Nigeria is about to get the help it needs in order to find the missing 276 school girls who were abducted from…

Bernice Jenkins has some odd, but exciting new in todays Church Announcements! The senior pastor at church always wanted a little brother and apparently he got his…

Things haven’t been looking to good for rapper Rick Ross lately as he’s been forced to cancel several shows since October. His most recent cancellation occured yesterday, Dec. 28, as he was supposed to perform during the Cross River State Calabar Christmas Festival in Nigeria. Although speculated it was for health reasons, his reps denied […]

DETROIT – Wearing a chain at his ankles, a somber-looking Nigerian man accused of trying to blow up a U.S. airliner on Christmas said he understood the charges against him, triggering the defense of a criminal case that could lead to life in prison.

HONOLULU – President Barack Obama laid blame Saturday on an al-Qaida affiliate for a Christmas Day terrorist plot that has led to a review of how intelligence agencies failed to prevent the botched bombing aboard a Detroit-bound airliner.

THE HAGUE, Netherlands – The Dutch government is releasing results of its investigation into the failed Christmas Day terror attack on a U.S.-bound airliner that took off from Amsterdam.

From the Washington Post: The 23-year-old Nigerian man accused of the attempted Christmas Day bombing of an American airliner apparently turned to the Internet for counseling and companionship, writing in an online forum that he was “lonely” and had “never found a true Muslim friend.”