Draya and on-again-off-again boyfriend Orlando Scandrick are off again.

Things are getting pretty messy between Draya Michele and Orlando Scandrick in the midst of him breaking off their engagement. This week, the two exchanged…

Congratulations to the happy couple...but we're wondering about that break-up a month ago.

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After weeks of speculation and rumblings on social media, Draya finally put rumors to rest with confirmation that she and Dallas Couwboys player Orlando Scandrick have indeed called it quits. Draya seems to maintain her lack of blame in the matter and even hinted that she tried to change her image for her relationship, but she […]

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  Scandrick tested positive for MDMA, which is also known as Ecstasy or Molly. He became the 21st player of 104 suspended for performance-enhancing drugs to test positive for MDMA. In a statement released through his agent, Ron Slavin, Scandrick insisted he did not knowingly take a banned substance. “I would like to apologize to […]