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  PETA has a new target of interest and her name is Michelle Obama. In a new campaign specifically targeting our First Lady, the animal…

Entertainment Tonight correspondent Rocsi Diaz has one thing on her holiday wish list—she wants her viewers to try going vegetarian!

  Besides being known for his skills in producing music, Pharrell Williams has become quite the style maven. One thing fashion is all about is…

Details | Bossip She hasn’t even given birth yet,but pregnant Kim Kardashian is already being slammed for her mothering skills! The expectant first-time mom swaddled her burgeoning baby bump in a lush fur stole in Paris Monday, and Kardashian’s decision to use an animal pelt to adorn herself has sparked outrage from her age-old adversaries, […]

She’d rather be naked than wear fur.  And with a body like that, we wouldn’t blame her if she’d just rather be naked, period. “Basketball Wives” star Evelyn is currently filming the upcoming new season of the VH1 show, but she took some time to unveil her new ad for PETA. The 37-year-old Latina mag […]

We already know PETA is cray, but Rihanna is cray cray so the animal rights org might want to think twice about coming for her head — or her feet in this case. After seeing Ri Ri out getting her trapstar on with a sweatshirt, leather skirt, and a pair of knee-high snakeskin boots on, […]

Theraflu is none too pleased that Kanye West used its brand name for a song. PETA aren’t the only ones unhappy with Kanye West’s new single “Theraflu.” The company Theraflu has released a statement to TMZ stating that they do not endorse or approve how their product was portrayed in the song, which details his tryst […]

Khloe Kardashian has taken to her Twitter account and blog to announce that she will no longer be supporting the animal rights organization. Khloe explains that the woman who threw flour on her sister, Kim Kardashian,has ties to PETA...

Waka Flocka Flame has shot another ad for PETA, addressing the abuse of dogs specifically. Check out Waka below in his super cute promo below! (And let’s all collectively be thankful that his french pedicure is not included in this ad…) One year ago, Brick Squad rapper Waka Flocka Flame stood up for animal rights […]

 December 1, 2011, 8:33am Russell Simmons Appears on PETA Postage Stamp PETA released a series of stamps, featuring the 20 most influential vegetarians, and Hip-Hop’s elder statesman Uncle Russ, was one of the folks chosen. Russell joins other stars including Paul McCartney, Woody Harrelson, Bob Barker, Steve O and Pamela Anderson. The limited-edition postage series […]