Right now it ain’t too much forgiveness to anyone speaking negatively on the protests or protesters around the country. The internet is waiting for someone to slip up and they caught one! The baddest chick. . .Trina! You may or may not know that she has a radio show with Trick Daddy called T & […]


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Hundreds of people gathered in Anaheim on Wednesday night to protest a fight between a teenage boy and an off-duty LAPD officer, who fired his weapon toward the crowd.

Things are getting real in Washington, D.C. following Donald Trump's inauguration.

On Thursday, 5 officers were fatally shot, while 6 people were injured at a protest over two recent fatal police shootings. Images reminiscent of the '60s have flooded the nation, as we endured a week of unfiltered violence.


The intense events occurring in Baltimore over the death of Freddie Gray have garnered the attention of the media, the nation, some of the most prestigious…


The family of Freddie Gray held a peaceful and moving memorial service for the 25-year-old Baltimore man at New Shiloh Baptist Church on Monday morning. Few…


The empty streets of Baltimore Tuesday morning mirror a stark contrast from events that took place on Monday after individuals took to the streets following Freddie Gray’s funeral,…


Getting disciplined in front of your friends is embarrassing enough. Getting disciplined in front of the whole world? Well, that’s another story completely. But that’s…