Michael Jackson must be rolling in his grave after this latest lawsuit. Jackson’s family now has to pay up millions to Quincy Jones for unpaid royalties and they aren’t happy about it. Quincy Jones suddenly has 9.4 million reasons to go off the wall … after scoring a victory over MJJ Productions and Sony. The jury handed down its […]

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It looks like legendary producer Quincy Jones isn’t impressed with Michael Jackson‘s posthumous work, “Xscape.” MUST SEE: Michael Jackson’s “Xscape” Reminds Us Why We Love Him Despite…

  Not only is Justin Timberlake ruling the summer with Jay-Z as they trek around the country on their “Legends of the Summer” tour, he’s…

So the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees list for 2013 is out, and Public Enemy have made the cut! The rap group beat…

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Lil Wayne's medical emergency Thursday could derail his trial ...in the lawsuit against Quincy Jones III.

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It’s the most entertaining legal proceeding — possibly ever!  In a videotaped deposition … Lil Wayne — who is suing Quincy Jones III over a documentary about him — says he can’t remember ANYTHING — but what he DOES remember is hysterical. Q III had his production team follow Lil Wayne around for months to […]

Diddy may be a successful businessman but he has never quite mastered the art of rap. Yeah, he has sold millions of records, produced tons…

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In the latest episode of “The Spark” Amanda Diva sits down with the legendary Quincy Jones to discuss his tribute CD, Soul Bossa Nostra. Like most of us Ms. Diva was scratching her head at the T-Pain remake of Michael Jackson’s “P.Y.T” and we applaud her for respectfully calling him out on it. But Mr. […]

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Quincy Jones brought in Ludacris to lay down vocals for the title track to his upcoming tribute album, Soul Bossa Nostra.

With the increasing number of films aimed towards black audiences in the early 1970s, filmmakers realized that they couldn’t turn to Henry Mancini to provide the musical backdrops for these movies.


When news broke that Akon would be covering Shuggie Otis’ classic tune “Strawberry Letter 23” (later popularized by The Brothers Johnson), for an upcoming Quincy Jones tribute album, I called for Quincy and Akon’s head on a stick.

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After ruining “We Are The World” for millions of people last month, legendary producer Quincy Jones is set to ruin even more of his classic productions with his upcoming Soul Bossa Nostra tribute album.