"What A Time To Be Alive" sounds like a Future mixtape featuring Drake. Ne decided to rank the entire mixtape from best to worst.

“Black-ish” debuted last week and two episodes in I’m already here for it. Admittedly I connected with the show’s concept and characters on somewhat of a personal…

“Gravity, or gravitation, is a natural phenomenon by which all physical bodies attract each other, and is most commonly experienced as the agent that gives…

He’s back! After an abysmal attempt at a comeback with 2006′s “Superman Returns”  director Zack Snyder (“300″) has finally given us the Superman we’ve been…

In a perfect world, it would be fair to separate Frank Ocean‘s Channel Orange from his much-talked-about sexuality and simply absorb the musicality of it all, but the singer/songwriter’s debut will always be soaked in speculation. Last week, on July 4, Ocean posted a passage to his Tumblr, where he revealed that at the age of 19, he fell in love with a […]

I usually find glitter and sustenance in my fairy godsister, Miguel’s music and videos, but this was piss. This is basically two whole minutes of iPhone 3GS footage where he drinks 40s and watches girls rub on each other. Time that could have been dedicated to answering his Grindr messages. Girl. via. Kid Fury

Cleveland, Ohio’s Chip Tha Ripper has been quietly carving a niche for himself in hip-hop in recent years. From touring with Kid Cudi to memorable mixtapes like The Cleveland Show, he has steadily been building a following. With the release of his latest mixtape, Tell Ya Friends, already boasting impressive download numbers in the week […]

Reality Television: Real life interaction between real people that is recorded and edited into something that turns out not be real.  Why do we love this nonsense so much?  This will always be a question of the universe.  I make it a point to go into my DVR and record them every week. This boggles […]

”Rise of the Planet of the Apes” (#1 at the box office this past weekend) is the seventh installment in the fabled Fox franchise which began way back in 1968 with the legendary Charlton Heston as the leading man. This episode stars James Franco as the protagonist of an origins adventure dedicated to explaining exactly […]

Eminem, “Recovery” (Aftermath/Interscope) Eminem’s latest album is called “Recovery,” but a better title might have been “Resurrection.” On his seventh studio release, Eminem has finally returned to form, which is to say he’s obnoxious, misogynistic, violent and often hurtful, but through it all, rarely short of brilliant. After his last album, 2009’s “Relapse,” many wondered whether […]

It’s a safe assumption that there are no gray areas in Kanye West appreciation. Either you consider him a genius or you want to send him on a shopping spree with Sarah Palin using an an expired Amex Black card and a stack of I.O.U’s from MC Hammer. After listening to the leak of 808s […]