Brandy remained relatively quiet about the breakup between she and her former manager, Ryan Press in 2014. Now, she literally sings the blues in her new single.

It’s a sad day in the love life of R&B singer Brandy. Her reps recently confirmed the rumors that were circulating for months that she…

Brandy is apparently happy and about to tie the knot with her fiancée and stud of a man, Ryan Press. And little brother Ray J approves. The man kept it old school in a way, and asked Papa Norwood for permission to propose to Brandy. He even went a step further and asked for little […]

I know there are a lot of Brandy fans out there, and you all want your girl to win in more ways than one. But I just wish she would stop trying to pressure her man into giving her a ring every time she’s interviewed by the press. When Ebony asked Brandy about potential wedding bells and her relationship with boyfriend […]