So I came up with this question from a blog on Madamenoire where this was brought up: Can a relationship that is based on a lie, or multiple lies, actually work? I think it can work for a while, but not for the long term. For instance, a girlfriend of mine dated a guy who said that […]

Your Boss This one is a little tricky. Many employers have policies that prohibit dating someone who reports to you, and vice versa. The general assumption is that it’s hard to be objective toward a coworker you’re dating. Emotions tend to get in the way, and “creating a hostile work environment” can be easy if […]

Hogging the mic: A date isn’t your local open mic night, learn the art of passing the microphone along. Testing, testing, one two, one two! A soliloquy of your senior year in college, a list of childhood friends you still keep in touch with and drama with your cousin can be saved for another day. […]

My name is Daniel Brown. 22 years old from South Florida! I graduated with my degree in Economics from Florida State University Fall ’08. I moved to Cleveland last year both because my family moved here, and I found a great job here. I work as an underwriter for New York Life Insurance Company and […]

"I'm totally fine not having a life. I love working." We don't believe you, Kim.