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On my local music grind today & “Thug Boss” (commonly referred to as Slim Thug) sent me a new freestyle. One thing I respect about…

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Reports that rappers Slim Thug andWillie D and singer LeToya Luckett joining the Houston cast have surfaced.

Somewhere in H-Town Slim Thug is doing his “not the father” Maury two-step and praising the Lord after a DNA test proved he’s not the daddy of an 11-year-old boy. Earlier this week, the Houston rapper got news from his lawyer that a child he supposedly conceived with a woman 11 years ago is not his…  and […]

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We gotta give rapper Slim Thug some serious credit — it was awfully brave to post pics of his grotesque claws, er, feet that look like something out of The Conjuring or Jurassic Park. Long famous for having rotten sausage links for toes, Slim posted these to alert his fans that he was having surgery […]

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Motor-mouth rapper Slim Thug is back to bumpin’ his gums and pipe dreamin’ on Twitter. In his latest ramblings, the Houston hoodrat rapper says he should have chopped down Beyonce while he was checkin’ up on it back in the day and given her a little Blue Ivy before Hov had the chance. via TaleTela […]

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(BlackMediaScoop) Slim Thug recently tweeted a pic of his newborn son Dreux Mason saying ““Today is a Big day… The results are in I Am the father my new son Dreux Mason another legend is born.”  Slim already has “at least” one other child and he joked with Twitter fans saying, “Ima get a vasectomy.” […]

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Slim Thug shares his whole life on Twitter, so as soon as the DNA results were back, he showed his followers a pic of his beautiful son! Check it out baby Dreux Mason below:

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If Black women are great, why then would anyone go out of their way to blatantly insult and disrespect them?...Here Is A List Of Men That P*ssed Off Black Women


This might be the funniest “sh*t…say” video yet!! Mr. Mecc, Kim Osorio, Killer Mike, Marcus Manchild, Paul Wall and Slim Thug drop every rap cliche ever heard! Check it out inside! via TheWordEyeHeard New Music: Ray Jr.-Livin’ Chris Brown & Rihanna Spotted Together [VIDEO]


Rapper Slim Thug cruising the streets listening to Bone Thugs.

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A Harris County, Texas man has filed a lawsuit against rapper Slim Thug, who is accused of assaulting the man during a business meeting. Clarence Evans filed the lawsuit against Slim Thug and Raymond Thomas II on March 18th, in the District Court of Harris County, Texas. According to the lawsuit, Plaintiff Clarence Evans attended […]

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Slim Thug is being sued by a man who says the rapper pistol whipped him during a business meeting. The lawsuit was filed in District Court of Harris County, Texas on March 18th.