Deharra Waters was arrested last Thursday evening for disorderly conduct and alcohol intoxication after allegedly running through a bingo hall in Louisville, Ky., with his pants down. During the incident, eyewitnesses say the suspect yelled “Bingo!” reported. Police say Waters’ speech was slurred when they arrested him, reported Source

James Collins, 56, called 911 on Nov. 3 and reported his neighbors’ rude behavior to the cops, according to Dumb As A Blog. He claims that they would drink with him so he called 911. Officers from the Fort Pierce, Fla., police department thought they were responding to a domestic disturbance call. Instead, Collins — […]

Iowa City man Daniel P. Noehl Sr., 57 was arrested Sunday after he called police to report he had not been paid in an illegal drug deal, the Press-Citizen reported. Noehl allegedly gave a friend three prescription pill bottles — about 230 pills total with the agreement that he was to be paid $1.25 per pill. Noehl […]

Police in Port Angeles, Wash., have arrested a man accused of using a bulldozer to destroy two homes and power lines. “A person with a piece of heavy equipment that was very upset, struck two homes in the area and also a truck,” Jim Borte with the Clallam County Sheriff’s Department told KOMO-TV. Borte said one of the homes […]

An employee of a bank was fired after dropping 90,000 euros (nearly $117,000) in cash off a bridge into a river, Agence France-Presse reports. The bank worker in Austria was transporting the cash between branches when he stopped to fix a flat tire and placed the bags of cash on a steep slope and promptly watched the […]

William Moody may have lived up to his name last Friday afternoon after his driveway was blocked. He was allegedly so angry he ended up tossing his dentures at the cops. Police say the incident started after there was a multi-vehicle crash near Moody’s home in North Strabane Township, and one passerby, a woman, stopped to help, […]


A 73-year-old man and his grandson have been arrested in a Pittsburgh drug raid after police say they found heroin bricks, drug packaging material and guns in a search of their home. Police say they raided the home Friday morning after a three-month investigation by plainclothes officers. Police say they found 24 bricks of heroin […]

A 29-year-old woman claiming to be God was arrested after torching her car at a Florida gas station. The incident happened Wednesday night in Daytona Beach: Alexandra Barnes pumped gas into her vehicle and allegedly sprayed more gas all over the car. She then entered the store, grabbed a cigarette lighter and repeatedly muttered, “I’ve got to […]

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A woman has been detained in San Diego after attempting to steal a 120-foot research vessel while scientists were sleeping aboard the boat. The woman, whose name has not been released, was seen untying the dock lines of a research ship called “New Horizon” around 2 a.m. on Tuesday by a security guard, KNSD-TV reported. The guard […]

Police in Louisiana say a chase after a stolen Pontiac Grand Prix ended with a forced spin-out and the arrest of a man who said he took the car because he had to get home and to a second audition for the Fox reality show “The X Factor.” Detective Daniel Seuzeneau (SOO-zuh-noh) says 20-year-old Orrion […]

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When Antonius Hart, Sr. and his son, Antonius Hart Jr., didn’t get the chicken wings they ordered at a Memphis fast food chain, they weren’t chicken about expressing their displeasure — or about brandishing an AK-47 rifle at the employees who forgot the order, cops said. Last Thursday, the Harts placed an order at Pirtle’s […]

A Florida teen allegedly stole his dad’s car and led cops on a high-speed chase — too bad his dad is a sheriff’s deputy and the car he stole was a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s cruiser. Eric Rawdon, 19, is accused of taking the Crown Victoria cruiser on a 120-mph joyride through Jupiter before wrecking it, as […]