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There's no doubt that Beyonce has perfected the art of performing, down to every high note and choreographed step. But even the Queen falls short of grace sometimes.

  Last week, Love & Hip Hop NY couple Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris welcomed a baby girl into the world. Although neither proud parent  has shared a shot of their little bundle’s face just yet, Mendeecees did take to his Instagram shortly after the Superbowl with this precious pic.   Read More  


It’s been decade since the Patriots’ last Super Bowl win, the Belichick-Brady led squad is back in the big game for a third time since…

The NFL is asking M.I.A. to dig real deep in her pockets for the middle finger-flipping stunt she pulled at the Super Bowl in 2012.…

Chris Brown used his day pass from rehab to chill with his homies for a Super Bowl party — sources say that pass was given so he could visit his attorney to prep for court. Now people think dude keeps cutting corners . Source

Kelly Rowland,31, joined her former girl group members, Beyonce and Michelle Williams on stage during the Super Bowl half time show for a gigantic Destiny’s Child reunion that wowed the crowd. We were so excited to see the trio together again during Beyonce’s Super Bowl XLVII halftime show, sponsored by Pepsi, on Feb. 3 in New Orleans at the […]

Did Destiny’s Child Ever Really “BREAK” Up? Of course Destiny’s Child are getting back together; actually, they never really broke up. Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams just haven’t made music together in a while. It was 2005 and DC3 were riding high after releasing their fourth studio LP, Destiny Fulfilled, when they decided to take a break. In a […]