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I feel like this may be an easy answer for some and complicated for others! Either way. . .Tamar said what she said and all I wanna know is do you agree with her??? Read her IG story post below and then tell me what you think in the following Poll: Catch Ro inside The […]


Wow so Tamar recently let her fans in on some pretty deep s— about her life! Via TMZ: Tamar Braxton just made a stunning and unexpected confession during a taping of Wendy Williams … telling the talk show host she was molested as a child. Braxton sat down with Wendy Wednesday, and the two talked about the Braxton […]

It some real family drama going on between the Braxton sisters and now Tamar is reportedly the second sister to be dropped from Toni’s tour. via TMZ: Toni Braxton is now hitting the road without either of her sisters after 86’ing Tamar from the upcoming family tour. The tour was supposed to feature three of the Braxtons … […]

Tamar Braxton made an appearance on Steve Harvey Show and when he asked had anyone changed their appearance for their man Tamar was the first to say she wore blonde hair for her estranged husband Vince Herbert.  Even though she alleges that Vince has cheated on her she still feels that it is a woman’s […]

Ooop! Tamar just spilled the beans on her big sister Toni Braxton’s secret marriage to Birdman. In her post congratulating her sister last night Tamar made sure to add Toni’s new last name…Williams, which happens to be Bryan “Birdman” Williams name as well. See her post below:   My sis❤️ how could any other person […]

You know it’s bad when your mother finally decided to jump in your business to make you leave your man!  Tamar Braxton’s mother Evelyn made some surprising revelations about her daughter’s “volatile” relationship and she doesn’t care how Tamar feels about it! In an emotional interview with theGrio, Evelyn Braxton is speaking out against the abuse that her […]

Tamar’s divorce is already starting off on a messy note but things are little deeper than we thought with abuse allegations now coming out. Tamar Braxton filed for divorce from husband Vincent Herbert at the end of October, but she’s kept quiet about it until now. “I told myself I would do whatever it took to keep my […]


Via TMZ: Evelyn Braxton just worried out loud her daughter’s estranged husband, Vincent Herbert, is capable of killing Tamar. Read on [HERE]. What does Vince have to say about that??? Via TMZ: Tamar Braxton‘s estranged husband, Vincent Herbert, is stunned by his mother-in-law’s strong insinuation he’s an abusive man capable of killing her daughter … and he totally […]

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Tamar Braxton shared a very personal, painful battle on the latest episode of Braxton Family Values. The Calling All Lovers singer revealed that she had recently suffered a miscarriage during an intimate conversation with her big sister Toni Braxton on Thursdays episode of their reality show. “You know, I didn’t tell nobody because it was […]

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Tamar Braxton caught some major shade from Tiny Harris‘ mama on Instagram. It looks like Tamar might be ready for another baby because the “Love And War” siren hit up her social media to say she wants a daughter. But amongst the supportive replies was a jab from Dianne Cottle Pope, who said Tamar‘s […]

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The music executive has lost over 90lbs, taking him down a several clothing sizes.

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The last time we saw the lovely ladies of the Braxton family on our TV screens was in August 2016, although it has seemed like forever. So much has happened in their lives since then, especially for baby sis Tamar and oldest sister Toni. However, nothing can prepare you for the downright explosive full-length trailer […]