Chris Brown added another tatt to his chest/torso area. His latest ink, a fighter jet, is interesting because it’ in same area as Rihanna’s goddess tribute to her Gran Gran Dolly. Chris’ ink was designed by John Petro who tweeted, “About to go in on this #fighterjet #f16 #plane #tattoo on #chrisbrown.” SOURCE Tune in […]

Now…Chris Brown does volunteer his time at a Domestic Violence Awareness/Prevention Center often…maybe this is his personal way of dealing? – RoDigga Chris Brown showed off his newest tattoo in Vegas a couple of weeks ago.  And it’s an interesting picture of a battered woman’s face.  He’s now giving his explanation… Well this is…interesting.  While […]

    Photos taken last week show Chris with a GIGANTIC PICTURE OF RIHANNA’S FACE right on the side of his neck. And the streets say that during the VMAs kiss, Chris whispered to Rih – “look at my neck” – and that’s when Rih KISSED HIM. A day after the VMAs – when Rihanna […]

After hitting up a tattoo parlor in London the other night, Rihanna just showed off her brand new ink in a precarious place.  Check it inside, plus get her performances with Coldplay & Jay-Z at Sunday night’s Paralympics closing ceremony in the UK…. Now we know what those bandages were covering up.  Rihanna has a […]

Drizzy Drake has taken his love for Aaliyah to all new heights.  [Okay, maybe it’s a little obsession but we all have our moments].  On the cusp of rumors that he will be debuting a new Aaliyah feature during Toronto’s OVO fest, he recently snagged a tattoo in dedication of Aaliyah.  The Tat, located on the side […]

On average, NBA players have lots of tattoos. It’s part of the culture, for one thing, but also an opportunity for players to bring attention to people or places that have played a central role in getting them to where they are. Think Stephon Marbury’s “Coney Island’s Finest” ink or Kevin Durant’s large show of […]

Ya boy Yelawolf sure does love his ink, doesn’t he! The Shady records MC, who already has the left side of his head tattooed up, just got a huge tattoo on the right side done with a photo of Johnny Cash and his wife, along with the name of his new girlfriend, Canadian singer, Fefe […]

Drake is ready to put one of his recent beefs behind him. On Wednesday (January 25), tattoo artist Kevin Campbell tweeted at Drake, “Nice talking to you buddy, glad everything’s cleared up. It’s good that something positive came out of this whole fiasco. Stay up. Drake beef officially squashed…Everybody can now move on. Only positivity […]

Amber Rose was spotted boo’d up with her man Wiz Khalifa outside her party at Cameo nightclub on South Beach Saturday night.  But it wasn’t the ass grabbing that caught folks attention….it was her new face tatt!

Boxer Floyd Mayweather revealed on his Twitter that friend and rapper 50 Cent took his 13-year-old son to get a tattoo.* Actually, Mayweather’s son got tattoos on both of his arms which most people call “sleeves.” Mayweather appeared to be upset that his son was out at 2:30 a.m. with the rapper getting a tattoo. […] has provided a picture of the Toronto emcee with a tattoo of Aaliyah’s face on his back as he plays a round of tennis. Drake previously wrote a letter addressing the late singer: “Dear Dana,” he began, using her middle name. “I’ve never lost a parent, a friend, or a lover but I will […]

The girl who decided to tattoo “Drake” on her forehead received a lot of attention for this dumb move, and Drake had something to say about it. Instead of going in on her, Drake calls the tattoo artist a “f***in’ a**hole” and if he ever sees him, he’s going to “f*** him up.” Watch Drake […]