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Well the plot continues to thicken and things are getting even worse for Russell Simmons who just got exposed by Terry Crews for asking him to give the agent who groped him “a pass”.   Wow Russell really? Nah no passes allowed. READ MORE

These sexual  assault and rape allegations in Hollywood have been pushed under the rug for too long and now people want justice. Law enforcement say Terry Crews went to cops nearly a month after posting on Twitter that a high-level Hollywood executive “came over 2 me and groped my privates” at a Hollywood function. Crews […]

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According to Gary With Da Tea, new “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” host, Terry Crews just revealed a shocking secret. Listen to Gary’s Tea in the audio player to hear…

According to Gary With Da Tea, Terry Crews may have landed himself a new gig. Listen to Gary’s Tea in the audio player to find out who he might be replacing…

Before Barack Obama became the first African-American President (sorry, Bill Clinton does NOT count) the only time we saw a Commander-in-Chief of color was in the movies.  Sometimes the portrayals were dignified (Morgan Freeman in Deep Impact) other times they were not (Terry Crews in Idiocracy), but nine times out of ten the world was […]