Details are still pretty unclear however what we do know is that Chris Sails has been arrested in Texas on aggravated assault charges and being held on a $15K bail. Queen Naija has since posted and deleted that she was needing help in knowing the whereabouts of her and Chris’ son CJ…as it was unknown […]

This has nothing to do with that whole promoter incident. . .but stems from a “fight” that allegedly involved Jonathan Lyndale Kirk [AKA Da Baby] one of his friends and a food stand employee. This happened last month at the Dallas Forth Worth airport. Video was provided in court showing there wasn’t any assault committed […]

Sadly there has been yet another shooting and this time in Odessa Texas! Details below are courtesy Via CNN: A man who was pulled over by Texas troopers shot at them with a rifle and sped away, setting off a terrifying rampage that ended with seven victims and the shooter dead, police said. After he opened fire […]

*READER NOTE * This is a prime example here of Just Because You Can Do Things, Doesn’t Mean You Should. Majority rules: the reaction to a kiddie pool filled with gargantuan amounts of nacho fixings has people wondering what kind of germs are being handed out with their serving. People in Texas know how to […]

A high school Texan Valedictorian is claiming that she was intentionally cut off by her Principal just for mentioning Trayvon Martin and Tamir Rice at her commencement. The Dallas Independent School District Claims to be looking into it via: TheShadeRoom According to NBC News, Emmett J. Conrad High School senior Rooha Haghar shared a video […]

Well damn. . .showing up to your child’s school how you want to will not fly anymore in Houston! Parents. . .how would you feel if this happened here in the land??? Via CNN: At one high school in Texas, parents can’t just roll out of bed in the morning to drop off their kids […]

vA video of a woman ringing doorbells of Texas homes has gone viral. In it, she appears to be distressed and wearing shackles.   Take a look Who is this mystery woman? Is she in trouble? A Texas neighborhood is praying for answers after this strange doorbell video goes viral. Retweet this footage. They’re trying […]

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Ebony Banks lost her battle to a rare form of stage 4 cancer on Sunday.

Breana Harmon Talbott was arrested by Denison, Texas, police and faces a misdemeanor charge for making a false report to authorities.


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