The Help

  Movies about slaves and domestics usually inspire collective eye rolls in the African-American community.  After the controversy revolving around last year’s “Django Unchained” and…

It’s a brand new day for Viola Davis.  The Oscar-nominated actress gives good face on the cover of this week’s L.A. Times Magazine–with a fierce ‘fro!  In the interview Davis discusses her long climb to fame and success: “That really is our plight, especially as women of color,” she says. “You can have all the […]

The Help” kicked azzzz at the 18th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday. The girls took home 3 of the nights top honors : best picture, best actress for Viola Davis (beating Meryl Streep) and supporting actress for Octavia Spencer. Davis also spoke about following a dream. “What is there but a dream? You […]

MJB took to her Twitter account to vent her frustrations over being overlooked for an Academy Award nomination for her song from the movie “The Help.”

At a Rutgers University’s Actor’s Spotlight this past February, Idris Elba bluntly articulated Black Hollywood’s sentiment: “The Oscars aren’t designed for us.” Elba was responding to this year’s Academy Awards, where not a single black person in the industry made the ballot.  No matter; while the media and Hollywood insiders were in a tizzy about  […]

Mary J. Blige is now nominated for a Golden Globe Award for her contribution to "The Help," and there was one scene in particular that made her cry.

Professor Melissa Harris-Perry gives her honest opinion about the new film, “The Help,” which is a story about black maids working for white women in the Jim Crow South. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Mary J. Blige takes a classic approach in the official video for new ballad, “The Living Proof.” The touching theme song from motion picture The Help.

R&B singer Mary J. Blige sits down with BlackTree’s Madison Chase to discuss her involvement in the new movie “The Help” and her future career in acting. Most Popular Articles NICKI MINAJ HAS A NIP SLIP! [PHOTOS] Congressional Black Caucus Announces Almost 100 Employers Job Initiative Starts In Cleveland WTF! Lil Kim Caught Wearing No […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife, Maria Shriver, separated after she learned he had fathered a child more than a decade ago — before his first run for office — with a longtime member of their household staff. The Former Governor Said: “After leaving the governor’s office I told my wife about this event, which occurred […]