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http://theurbandaily.com/2015/06/21/chris-brown-rihanna-her-rumored-new-boyfriend-party-at-same-club/ since their last split back in 2013, but according to Breezy, they’ve still managed not to hate each other despite all the drama over…

Trina was not here for being part of Lil Wayne’s harem of babymamas. Tim Westwood, in a recent interview, basically rehashed the same questions that…

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What is this woman’s problem? Leaving Twitter? Ok. Now you want to leave the whole rap game? OKAY! She’s either an attention whore or something is seriously wrong with “the kid.”

The Dream was in Europe in support of his friend Rihanna and discusses writing, Justin Bieber and Christina Milian.


Here is the last interview from Hip Hop legend Heavy D before his untimely death.

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Last week DJ Semtex leaked a portion of his interview with Jay-Z where he pretty much shrugged off MC Hammer’s “Better Run Run” diss record and video. He’s continued his overseas tour promoting his book, Decoded, with BBC’s Tim Westwood.