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Tomi Lahren says her personal opinions became the trigger for a vendetta by the folks at TheBlaze where they literally put an X on her dressing room door and launched a public smear campaign against her, and that’s why she just filed a lawsuit against her former employer. The war started when Tomi appeared on “The […]

Where is Whoopi Goldberg when you need her? The highly publicized appearance of Tomi Lahren on “The View” was actualized after Lahren sat down with the show’s panel hosts on Friday to explain why her brand of conservatism elicits a specific type of appeal. Lahren, who hosts an internet show on “The Blaze,” branded herself as the representative for a specific portion […]

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As Americans are still trying to come to terms with the outcome of the 2016 presidential election tensions are still at an all-time high, especially when not only the President-elect himself continues to fan the flames, but also his batch of extremist conservative supporters. One of the most vocal Trump supporters is Tomi Lahren, who […]


Tomi & Charlamagne go head to head. . .and this debate you gotta watch!

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