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As testimony continues in the George Zimmerman murder trial, the defense comes closer to closing their case – and the jury comes closer to reaching a verdict. Yesterday the court saw 10 witnesses, one who took the stand twice, who testified about their knowledge of Zimmerman’s past and also identified the screams heard on witness Jennifer Lauer’s […]

I have such a hard time believing anything George Zimmerman says after the dispatchers told him NOT to follow Trayvon PERIOD. George Zimmerman, the Florida man accused of second degree murder for the death of Trayvon Martin, said the teen told him “you are going to die tonight” shortly before Zimmerman pulled the trigger. The recorded […]

George Zimmerman, who is on trial for the murder of Trayvon Martin, called police in Florida 46 times in recent years to report break-ins, broken windows and disturbances, records showed. Prosecutors argued in court on Tuesday that the jury should be played several calls in which Mr Zimmerman complained of “suspicious” black people around his […]

George Zimmerman is accused of fatally shooting 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. Opening statements begin today and are expected to last several hours. Watch a live stream of the trial here.

The highly publicized case of Trayvon Martin’s murder at the hands of self-appointed neighborhood watch captain, George Zimmerman has finally chosen a jury and surprisingly,…


Details | Globalgrind Here’s What To Expect Today: Jury selection will continue. Stay updated with GlobalGrind as we give you a play by play of what’s to come. What You Missed Yesterday: – Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson and lawyers sifted through 100 more potential jurors. In all, 10 were questioned about their knowledge on […]


      Two potential jurors, a man who listens to National Public Radio and a retired Oviedo woman, were asked by defense attorney Mark O’Mara: Would you have a problem reaching a verdict that might be unpopular? No, said the man, not “as long as my anonymity is preserved.” And if it is not? […]

The defense team for George Zimmerman, the man charged with second-degree murder in the Florida shooting death of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin, has released a trove of texts and photos from Martin’s cell phone — but it’s not clear whether they’ll be admissible in trial. The newly released evidence, posted to a website run by Zimmerman’s defense […]

With his trial set for this summer, accused murderer George Zimmerman has apparently turned to food to find peace. In his most recent court apperance, Zimmerman seems to have packed on about 100 pounds since we last saw him! Here’s what a spokesman for Zimmerman’s attorney had to say: “I think it’s an incredibly stressful […]

A Florida judge questioned George Zimmerman today on his decision to waive a hearing under the state’s “Stand Your Ground” law, which means that he is likely heading for a trial this summer in the shooting death of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin. The pre-trial Stand Your Ground hearing would have given the judge the discretion to free Zimmerman, eliminating the need […]

Conservative radio prognosticator Rush Limbaugh used his nationally syndicated show to try and tie Dzhakar Tsarnaev, the captured suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings last week, to murdered teenager Trayvon Martin. WTF! Last March, weeks after 17-year-old Martin was shot and killed, Limbaugh and the rest of the conservative echo chamber spent a considerable amount […]