At first it was funny, not so much anymore….. Via | Complex 50 Cent is pretty much hip-hop’s biggest troll, consistently provoking other musicians and even athletes with petty social media posts. His ongoing spat with┬áLove & Hip Hop┬ástar Teairra Mari is on a whole other level, though, as he continues to pester her after […]

I know some people are uber annoyed by this guy but. . .he still funny to me! Soulja was last seen trolling your boy Kanye saying he real quiet lately:  

Soooo ya might have heard how a recent concert featuring Ashanti [at a College] was cancelled due to poor ticket sales . . . Definitely did not take long before 50 decided to chime in with his thoughts. . .doing typical 50 trolling pretty much [See exactly what he said down below]. Ashanti was recently […]

50. . .is. . .a. . .damn. . .fool! Lol Apparently it is never to early for 50 to start his trolling sessions! This morning he shared with us video of Busta Rhymes awkwardly sipping from a straw. Now you’re probably like wait what? What’s the problem 50? But wait until you see the way […]