WTF Videos

Cousins! This viral video has me feeling all types of ways smh — like for one, why isn’t she defending herself? Two, who is filming this? Three, what would YOU do if you were in this situation or if this was happening to your boo? See what our other cousins are saying in the comment […]

Day Party Dilemma

Cousins! You might have seen this video on TT or the gram — that whole “of course I’m a _____” took a different turn when a woman glorified being a side chick! Take a look at the video and let us know your thoughts on the video: Tune into the Day Party weekdays for more […]


Oh lawd who’s unc is this on this damn water slide?! Lol I mean I hate to laugh (out loud) cause it legit looked like he almost drowned in some inches of water! I feel bad but I can’t stop watching smh lol. Catch Ro inside the Day Party weekdays 3pm tp 7pm! Follow @rodigga […]

- Comedy

Remember trust falls? When you would fall back into someone and hope they catch you? Trusting someone else to basically have your back and keep you from hittin the floor? Lol Sometimes trust falls were used as ice breakers in school, did ya ever do em? Or maybe you tried it with you friends or […]

Fitness & Nutrition

So me and my husband went vegan for about half a year last year! I personally wanted to go longer but the vegan lifestyle transitioned into a “Flexitarian” lifestyle and mostly because we decided to entertain the occasional meat craving! Honestly I only really missed cheese and a 6 piece wing meal all flats! SMH […]

WTF Videos

Today’s video reminds us to never judge a book by it’s cover (because I wasn’t expecting the switch up) AND that this grandma ain’t the one! Lol Catch Ro weekdays inside the Day Party 3pm to 7pm! Follow @rodigga @z1079


Calling all my foodies!! Listen Imma be honest — most of these videos might be food related!! But who don’t like to eat? Now the real question is — are you a breakfast person? Do you like bananas? Pancakes? Do you like them together? So look — I feel like the way they made these […]


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Former NBA player Kwame Brown has gone viral for a video message he shared about troubled NBA star Ja Morant.


Like father. . .like daughter! Chris Brown recently took a page outta Mufasa’s book [AKA @cousinskeether] with the #GoCrazyChallenge. . .which was nothing short of amazing! The mans dancing is CRAZY [no pun]. And taking on the challenge in the cutest of ways. . .his very own baby girl Royalty! Check out both videos below! […]

Ro Digga

Ya! It’s your boys 24th Birthday! Ice JJ Fish . . .I know you remember him! Just in case you need a refreshed . . .I posted his BANGER below along with some photos too! Catch Ro inside The Day Party weekdays beginning at 3pm and follow @rodigga @z1079  


If you are thinking. . .what the hell did I just read. . .oh you read that. . .and apparently it is happening smh! Via The Shade Room: …The man who impregnated twin sisters is BACK and this time with some sort of show. Last week we just had to post the photo of him […]