Source: MTV’s new show “The Seven” premiered Monday with a phone call from Lil Wayne direct from Rikers Island, where the rapper is serving a one-year sentence stemming from a 200 arrest on gun charges.

LIL WAYNE is in prison but that doesn’t stop us from celebrating especially when he decided to release his album early. Yes, September 27th marks the birthday of Lil Wayne and in 2010 he is releasing his new album early.

(ALL BABY MAMA DRAMA) While ex-wife Antonia “Toya” Carter and baby mama Lauren London move on to other love situations, Nivea may still be stuck on Lil Wayne’s “inches” of love. Nivea has released her version of one of Sade’s old jawns “Stronger Than Pride”. Check out Nivea and her 5-7-9 dress wading in the ocean Chattahoochee River […]

We has it first! Audio has been leaked out of the Lohan camp of Lindsay calling DMX to get pointers on how to handle life in prison. He wasn't much help, since he kept barking. Apparently she then had her people connect with Lil Wayne to get a clearer picture of life behind bars. Check out the audio from the calls below!

Lil Wayne likes to push boundaries as an artist. This time, though, we’re not so much speaking of musical boundaries, but the boundaries of the crazy shit he can get away with.