Raymond Garcia was mad and allegedly refused to back down against his adversary — a stop sign in Roswell, N.M. The alleged altercation happened Friday when officers responded to a report of a man, later identified by cops as Garcia, fighting a stop sign, UPI reported. Officers said Garcia, 45, appeared to be under the influence of drugs. But […]

Police  say that a woman arrested for erratic driving attempted to hide a pipe and meth stash in her vagina, only to be busted by a drug sniffing dog. Nicole Lynn Denzer, 23, was stopped by a Centennial Lakes police officer during the early morning of Oct. 2, when a patrolling officer noticed her straddling […]

Robert Hagerman just wanted his daughter to buy him some beer, but when she refused, the Florida dad got hopping mad. Rather than get the suds for himself, Hagerman, 56, chose to call 911 and told dispatchers that his daughter was on drugs, throwing things and hitting him, ABCActionNews.com reported. When police in Seminole arrived on […]

Most everyone has heard of the mysteriously ghoulish “things that go bump in the night.” For one South Carolina woman, that “thing” was her ex-boyfriend, who she found living in her attic more than 12 years after they had broken up. Tracy [last name withheld], a Rock Hill, S.C., resident and single mother of five, […]

Hotel Employees called the police after getting a room service request after 2 a.m. from a man who had broken in the hotel. They stopped the oder when they realized he dialed from a room that wasn't booked for the night

An Atlanta man discovered a shocking consequence to leaving your two kids alone in a running car in a parking lot: Your car gets stolen and you get arrested. On Sunday at around 6:15 p.m., Charles Boyd allegedly left his two children in his idling Cadillac while he stopped for ice at a Star Discount […]

David Saldamando is an extreme kayaking fisherman. But even this was a bit much for him. The Californian is used to scoring big fish from his little vessel, but rarely does the fight to capture a shark take him to the water. The incident, which was caught on camera (you can see it below), had […]

A woman outraged over the Casey Anthony verdict was arrested in Oklahoma for allegedly attacking a convenience store clerk who resembles the Florida mom acquitted of murdering her daughter. After leaving work in Chouteau on Friday, Sammay Blackwell said a customer who had told her that “you look like Casey Anthony” followed her for several […]

A Chicago man was arrested early Thursday after calling police to report that three men had entered his apartment, located just west of DePaul University’s Lincoln Park campus, and robbed him of two pounds of marijuana, in addition to his laptop. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Max Fleck, 20, of the 1500 block of West […]