Things just continue to get worse for Mr. Hunter, while this is all alleged it still has to at the very worst be annoying timing. Via | Bossip If Wendy Williams‘ husband Kevin Hunter thought his life was going to s#!t before, he’s officially six feet deep in fornication feces now. An “unWineWithTashaK” interview with […]

Wendy Williams is taking over the air waves tonight with Trey Songz. Her interview is exclusivley on Z1079 and you can listen to it here.

I personally think it’s the wrong move but what do I know! Supposedly some Executives want Wendy Williams to tone down her image! Less Wendy and more soccer mom-ish?! Executives from The Wendy Williams’ Show want Wendy to be more appealing to the Middle American Mom by toning down the image that made her famous. Via:TheYBF.com Z-LINKS: Trey Songz […]

The long anticipated release of the family comedy "Our Family Wedding" has finally arrived. See what the actors had to say to The Hollywood Scoop reporter Wendy Wheaton about filming this hilarious comedy.