Recently I was listening to my boyfriend and his friends discuss the reasons why some of them prefer White women over Black women. Many of their reasons were purely based on superficial factors, which bothered me. It is one thing to date someone because you like them as a person and could care less about […]

Some women treat their men well, and that’s cool. Everything goes well; she’s loving him, he’s loving her and then one day–BOOM! Blat-tat-tah-tat! Kow! The relationship is over.

A woman in Huntsville Alabama was awoken to a man lying with her, after he broke into the house and jumped into the bed with her.

Christina Saunders said she wanted to empower herself like “Samantha” from “Sex And The City” so she decided to travel the world and sleep with several unsuspecting men. It ended up totaling 1000 men.

What do you think? Was that punch thrown “for a good reason” ??

It is a familiar lament of single African-American women: where are the “good” black men to marry? A new study shows that more and more black men are marrying women of other races. In fact, more than 1 in 5 black men who wed (22 percent) married a nonblack woman in 2008. This compares with […]

Everything about Debrahlee Lorenzana is hot. Even her name sizzles. At five-foot-six and 125 pounds, with soft eyes and flawless bronze skin, she is J.Lo curves meets Jessica Simpson rack meets Audrey Hepburn elegance—a head-turning beauty.In many ways, the story of her life has been about getting attention from men—both the wanted and the unwanted […]

Is it shocking when I tell you I’ve had to repress my intelligence in past relationships out of fear of emasculation? Source from Successful black women are constantly bombarded with statistics suggesting many of us are doomed to be spinsters left to live with our little black cat to die alone. We are also […]

I am thirty-four, single, and have with no children. I’m pursuing a B.A. in IT Multimedia. I have my own home and I am financially independent. While I have most everything in my life under control, I have had issues with my weight since I was 19 years old. I am about 80 pounds overweight.

“An intoxicated woman horrified diners at a St. Paul, Minn. restaurant as she ripped part of a man’s ear off with her teeth, spit it out, then picked it up and put it back into her mouth before leaving.

A Cleveland Heights woman died Sunday after her Rottweiler-mix dog attacked her in the early morning hours, police said. Read More Artcle Courtesy of :