Chris Brown is balling so hard while out in France. He was spotted earlier today filling up at the gas tank while showing off a white Lambo he copped for his extended stay in St. Tropez.  He also announced to his twitter followers that he would be buying a house out there soon while working […]

This past weekend, rumors flew out that Chris Brown had broken up with his girlfriend, Kangaroojack, and deleted all photos of her from his social media sites. Kawaii allegedly contacted Drake (which I believe is a lie) leading to the break-up. Either way, Chris Brown arrived in France yesterday evening posting a photo of himself landing on a boat. Meanwhile […]

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lol…I don’t why this is funny to me but could you imagine! – RoDigga Rick Ross gets a visit from the cops while on his yacht in Florida. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission were seemingly very close to arresting Rick Ross and the rest of the people on the Miami rapper’s yacht earlier […]

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Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles caught up in Miami over the weekend for a romantic rendezvous on a yacht. The married duo had to be apart on Valentine’s Day this year since their busy schedules had them on different continents.