Reports say Zimmerman hightailed it out of Miami after learning that there is a $10,000 bounty on his head.

Lil D

Zimmerman and DMX will not be going toe-to-toe in the ring...the promoter backed out of the fight. Good.

Lil D

Rapper DMX and George Zimmerman are set to fight in an upcoming "celebrity" boxing match.

George Zimmerman‘s divorce proceedings are on hold, because he’s gone Bigfoot on his wife according to TMZ. The divorce can’t move forward until George is served with papers, but his estranged wife Shellie’s lawyer tells us, George is MIA. The lawyer says he can’t find George anywhere and has no idea how to track him down. […]

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The only minority on the all-female jury that voted to acquit George Zimmerman said today that Zimmerman “got away with murder” for killing Trayvon Martin and feels she owes an apology Martin’s parents. “You can’t put the man in jail even though in our hearts we felt he was guilty,” said the woman who was identified only as Juror […]

Four days after he was acquitted of murder, George Zimmerman stepped out of seclusion to help a family get out of an overturned vehicle in Florida, authorities said Monday. Zimmerman and another man helped four people get out of an SUV that had overturned Wednesday evening in Sanford — the same community where the former […]

Tell me what you think about this ABC News Analysis Below.. Now there has been confusion over whether the “Stand Your Ground” law is unique to Florida. The answer is no. The controversial part of Florida law, known as Stand Your Ground, was waived by the defense pre-trial. Instead, they argued classic self-defense with a […]

Mark O’Mara and Don West, who have gone on a media tour following Zimmerman’s acquittal in the killing of Trayvon Martin, seemed to know going in that they were not in an especially friendly venue. Whereas previous appearances found them gloating about the outcome of the trial, they were relatively subdued and restrained with Goldberg, Barbara Walters, […]

One of the six jurors who acquitted George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin case says she “was sure” the voice heard screaming for help on a 911 tape was the man carrying a handgun. And Juror B37, who is planning to write a book about the trial that transfixed America, told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that she thinks Zimmerman — […]