You Can’t Be Serious: Ray-J is Going to Be a PREACHER?!?

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Ray-J is taking Whitney Houston’s death so hard, he’s considering trading in the Money Team for the Collection Plate.

Yes, you read that right; and no, it’s not a joke. Sex-tape-leaking, pick-a-woman-out-of-a-lineup-on-a-reality-tv-show-staring, tell-all-book-writing Ray J may be trading in his secular songs for spiritual hymns.According to sources close to him, Whitney Houston’s death is taking a toll on Ray J so much so that’s he’s considering becoming a preacher.

While this news sounds completely left-field and unfathomable there is slight proof to back it up. On Friday, Ray J held a press conference for the Brotherhood Crusade, a community organization he’s been involved with since the age of 16, and during his speech, Ray J said he’s heard a word from on high.

“God is talking to me,” he said as he talked about keeping a photo of Whitney in his phone and mourning her death. “God is talking to me right now and now is the time for me to listen, and my ears are open.”

I’m not gonna question God, and I know Ray J grew up in the church, but it is so hard to take this man seriously. Are we looking at the future Reverend Raymond Norwood?

I’m lilD, and that’s the Word Eye Heard. I wonder if his church would have an indoor pool and outdoor pool…

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