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10. Janet Jackson “Love Would Never Do Without You”

Janet looks so fine on the beach. Her smile is so gorgeous with the black and white film. This is the video that made Janet sexy.

9. Rihanna “Umbrella”

Rihanna showed attitude, legs and was covered in water for this video. This video turned the sexy Bajan teenage starlet into a full fledged sex symbol superstar.

8. Foxy Brown “Oh Yeah”

Its hard for a female rapper to be sexy but Foxy was off the hook in this video. At home in a Carribean setting and tight dresses and bikinis Foxy Brown showed why everyone was trying to get that Ill Na Na.

7. Destiny’s Child “Cater To You”

Beyonce and company provide the ultimate male fantasy in this video. Bad-ass girls bringing us our slippers and dinners and putting on the game. Beyonce looks great in the bikini and the girls give En Vogue a run for their money with the tight black dresses.

6. Ciara “Promise”

Ciara moves so sexy in this video. I wasn’t a fan of her music before it but damn she is sexy as hell in this video.

5. Amerie “One Thing”

Amerie is so cute. I don’t care if this video is a Beyonce ripoff, Amerie and her dancers kill this dope song and Amerie looks dope in a short gold mini skirt.

4. Janet Jackson “That’s The Way Love Goes”

Janet put the cool in sexy for this one. I’ love to be hanging with her and sexy friends, including J-Lo in a very cool laid back atmoshpere.

3. Sade “Kiss Of Life”

Sade is the ultimate in elegant sexiness. She does not need to shake her ass to be sexy. All she needs to do is show her beauty, both physically and musically.

2. Beyonce “Crazy In Love”

Beyonce is to sexy in this video with her little wife beater humping the floow. This is the one that made Beyonce who she is today.

1. En Vogue “Something He Can Feel”

This video is incredible. All of En Vogue looks gorgeous in the tight red dresses. Even though as a child, I didn’t think any of them would get with me, just in case I had more condoms than TLC.