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There once was a rapper named Benzino…the end. He didn’t make it that far in his rap career but you may know him from The Source Magazine (he’s part owner). Then there’s Eminem, a psycho lyricist with a flaming flow and verbal insults scarier than Rick Ross without a shirt on. What these two have in common–rap beef.

This beef all started back in 2002 when The Source Magazine didn’t give Eminem’s album “The Eminem Show” 5 mics. Em blamed Benzino for the judgement and disrespected him backstage during a rap summit in Puerto Rico.

While on Hot 97 Benzino and his crew spit a freestyle where he dissed Em over the Nas beat “Made You Look.” Later that month 50 cent hosted Hot 97 and Eminem called in to promote his movie “8 Mile” where he called his now enemy- “Hasbenzino.”

That same night hasbenzino Benzino ran to the studio to record this:

(Pull Ya Skirt Up)

“I’m not Moby, the little puppet on MTV

I bring glasses to your living room so you could see me”

Yeah, Benzino isn’t the greatest rapper…

While everyone was waiting for a comeback record, Eminem was in the studio putting together a Mixtape (yup, and entire Mixtape!). Of all of the four diss tracks against Benzino and The Source, this one stuck in my mind the most:

(Nail In The Coffin)

“If you was really sellin coke, well then what the f*ck

you stop for dummy? If you slew some crack

you’d make alot more money than you do from rap”

It only got uglier from there. The media seemed to be siding with Eminem and Benzino’s records weren’t getting rotation on the radio, or on television. He even got mad at Hot 97 host Angie Martinez for her lack of Benzino support. He wouldn’t give up though, after seemingly loosing the Eminem battle, in 2003 Benzino released several tapes of Eminem’s racist freestyle where he called black people “nigg*rs, b*tches and sluts”

None-the-less Eminem was forgiven and Benzino hasn’t been heard from since.

I won’t render a decision on who won, you can do that!

I will say this though– “No one want’s to hear their grandfather rap” {Busts out with laughter}.

For the full beef, click here…


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