Cassidy has recently stated that he'd like to either collaborate with Eminem, or battle him, to see who the "biggest battle rapper" in the game actually is.

As we celebrate rap music and Hip Hop's 50th birthday, today we'll take a look back and one of the funniest, entertaining, and cruel elements of Hip Hop - the diss record.


Despite living in a digital world, many diehard music fans will never stop collecting physical copies of their favorite albums. And while vinyl records have become a trendy purchase in recent years, another audio format also holds a special place in the hearts of some: The cassette tape. Just ask Eminem. During a recent Clubhouse […]

Ro Digga

Em hasn’t ever really backed down from giving his fans his ultimate truth! Whether it be in his music. . .or in an interview etc. . .we have witnessed much of Shady’s life pretty much unfold over the years of his career! Today. . .more of that truth was shared with a post to his […]

DJ AngelBaby

The Dolly Parton Challenge has been making its way around social media. It all started when legendary country singer Dolly Parton shared four separate pictures of herself labeling them “LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tinder”. Since then folks hopped in on the fun including Kerry Washington and most recently Eminem. However, Eminem stepped outside of the original […]

DJ AngelBaby

Eminem is known for saying whatever he wants to in and outside of music! He’s tackled politics, drug abuse, poverty but now is he addressing sexuality? Particularly, his sexuality? We caught wind of a leaked track of Joyner Lucas’ where Eminem dropped a line saying “what if I was gay”. Of course, it has us […]

There is now a real definition for the word that Eminem made popular with this 2000 smash hit “Stan”. via TheShaderoom We stan a dictionary that stays current and #MerriamWebster is proving they are certainly with the times by adding #Stan and 639 other words to the dictionary. Merriam Webster defines Stan as “an extremely […]

Days after this years BET Hip Hop Awards. . .people are still talking about Em’s cypher freestyle. We touched on it briefly inside The Day Party the other day but wanted to get ya input! Soooo. . .KEEP IT 100 with this poll! Just in case you missed the Cypher: Catch Ro Digga inside The […]

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Sheesh we see how Eminem feels about Donald Trump now! Listen to his 8-minute diss track below!

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Soooo during an interview, Drake was asked about the whole Joe Budden situation and that’s when Eminem’s name came up! Via Rap-Up: Get more on this post [HERE]. Catch @RoDigga weekdays with @DJKnyce #TheDayParty 3pm to 7pm!