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While we fight this crisis our emergency service workers are putting their lives on the line to protect and serve. With New York now being the epicenter for Covid 19 it’s no wonder that we’re hearing reports that over 300 NY police officers have tested positive for Corona virus. This is terrible news but we […]

Tough times are ahead of us all. No one is exempt from the crisis that is Covid 19. Even celebrities are being effected. Miguel A. Nunez Jr. recently made headlines for allegedly stealing groceries. This could have been an honest mistake, but if not, the details of the situation prove that no one is immune […]

Corona virus quarantine has a lot of folks taking advantage of Instagram’s Live feature. Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony were on Live recently talking and sharing stories and during we learned something even more dope about Lebron James. Carmelo revealed that Lebron had to save his life after jumping off a boat. Peep the video […]

Covid 19 is hitting the U.S. hard and healthcare workers are on the front line of the battle field. Recently, we’ve been reading reports that hospitals have become overwhelmed with patients and strapped for resources like Covid tests, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). One nurse recently went viral for quitting during the crisis due to her […]

Lauren London is no stranger to tragedy and trauma. People all over the country are dealing with loss and pain as we all try to overcome the damage of Corona Virus and Lauren London offered some words of encouragement and motivation as she explains, from her perspective, how to deal with trauma. She jumped on Instagram […]

Corona Virus aka Covid 19 is hitting places in the country very hard. In heavily infected areas of the country hospitals are having a hard time keeping up with patient care. To help with the impact of Corona Virus and to help alleviate the strain on healthcare workers the CDC (Center For Disease Control) has […]

Donald Trump and other key players in the U.S. government announced yesterday that there could be a government stimulus package on the way for Americans. The treasury secretary announced that he wanted the checks sent to Americans who are effected by COVID-19 asap. Now, we have potential dates on said checks. According to […]

Da Baby made headlines recently after an incident happened at a club where he was seen hitting a woman on camera. The whole altercation was an accident according to Da Baby. Since, he’s been trying to find the real victim so that he could make amends in person. After the incident a woman came forward […]

Jordin Sparks has been pretty low key. We know she was dating Jason Derulo, Sage The Gemini and now the married singer may be divorcing her husband Dana Isaiah. Maybe we’re a little late but who know there was trouble in paradise? The only reason we found out something was wrong was due to the […]

Coronavirus  is wreaking havoc on the world and folks are not playing. Corporations are allowing employees to work from home (like Twitter), Atlanta schools closed due to possible infections among others. Recently we heard the NBA was thinking about playing games without fans and now we’re hearing something similar for your favorite TV shows. According […]

Wendy Williams is not here for Nicki Minaj’s choice in spouse. She had a few things to get off her chest and spoke candidly on what she thinks about Nicki’s marital spouse. Check out the video below and let us know if you agree with Wendy or nah? One thing you can say about Wendy […]

You may or may not have been following all the drama going on between Gabrielle Union and America’s Got Talent. However, Gabrielle’s departure from the show was trending all over social media. Now, it looks like they’ve tapped another celeb to fill Gabrielle’s shoes. We’re not sure if it’ll pan out the way they want […]