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Aaron McGruder’s benchmark “The Boondocks” satirized American pop culture and politics, dissected the Pan African-American mythos, analyzed race relations, debunked gangsta rap culture and took heavy blows to every other group most TV shows often forgot. But despite it being one of the most controversial cartoons ever to air across the globe (using “nigga” in every episode except one, “The Itis”), it taught us valuable life lessons. In honor of their “supposed last season,” here are a few:



White imperialism is just as rampant as ever. Every episode shows the white man one-upping black folk, in one way or the other. Don’t believe us? Examine the season finale of the show’s third season where the corrupt realtor Ed Wuncler, Sr., Gin Rummy and his grandson Ed Wuncler III walk away… no harm, no foul, after plotting a terrorist attack.


Colorism is still a hot button issue. Look at all of the women that granddad has eloped with or has taken out on nice candle lit dinners. They all have one thing is common: they are all racially-ambiguous, slim, light-skinned women with straight hair. Another example, anything that comes out of Uncle Ruckus’ mouth.


It’s even harder when you’ve made it. Notorious B.I.G. had it right the first time, “Mo’ money, mo’ problems.” Robert Freeman took his boys Huey and Riley out of the ghetto and brought them to Woodcrest, getting them away from the noise and the peril of the inner city. But constant pressures from egotistical Hurricane Katrina injured kinsfolk, rowdy ghetto blaster jamming gangsta rappers and nosy neighborhood watch creepers, its hard to really too keep your head up when everyone around you is trying to bring you down.


Big Brother does exist. Flagrant federal agents aren’t the only thing you should be afraid of, but being tapped and even chased by some Orwellian corporate supergiant… now, that’s scary.


Nigga Moments are an epidemic in the black community. Often irate black people encourage other logical and non-confrontational black people to throw their lives away at the chance to square off at the moment’s rage.




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