The Boondocks are coming back, with HBO Max ordering 2 seasons of the revived animated series from original creator Aaron McGruder. Each season will consist of 24 episodes, with the first new season dropping in fall 2020 with a 50-minute special. All 55 episodes of the original.  

There is a god!! Can you imagine the material they will have by 2020….this will be amazing ! Via | CNN The foul-mouthed Freemans are making a return to TV. Sony Pictures Animation announced at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival that they would be bringing back “The Boondocks” in “a complete re-imagining for the […]

You’ll be happy to know that after four years Cartoon Network’s “The Boondocks” is returning for a new season this year. Listen to the latest Hip-Hop…


Regina King stopped by “Sway in the Morning” and hinted that not only will we be seeing the “Boondocks” back on television, but maybe on the big screen as well…? “Boondocks” fans rejoice! Regina King, the voice of Huey and Riley Freeman, says there may be a “Boondocks” movie on the way and hints that […]

Aaron McGruder’s benchmark “The Boondocks” satirized American pop culture and politics, dissected the Pan African-American mythos, analyzed race relations, debunked gangsta rap culture and took heavy blows to every other group most TV shows often forgot. But despite it being one of the most controversial cartoons ever to air across the globe (using “nigga” in every episode except one, “The Itis”), it taught us valuable life lessons. In honor of their “supposed last season,” here are a few: