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Singer Raheem DeVaughn released a very sexual video a few weeks ago that had the internet going cra-zy. He actually pushed the envelope further than D’Angelo’s “Untitled” video.

In the interview he discusses the video’s concept, whether he gives every girl the “special treatment” (aka Oral sex) and double standards between men and women in society.

A few excerpts

On the Concept of the “She’s Single” video

I don’t know if cats really peeped that she was basically cheating. So the premise was that a lot of men get the wrap for cheating all of the time and infidelity, but women cheat too.

On If He Gives Every Woman The “Special Treatment”

It’s some very intim

ate moments in that video. Every woman is not deserving of that, every brother isn’t deserving of every woman. If this was a film, that would definitely be a woman that I’ve known…we’ve had relations for some time now.

On Double Standards Between Men and Women

If a woman decides it’s her prerogative to be a player or promiscuous or whatever you want to call it, she catches a certain label. But a brotha can do that and we get the pat on the back. I’ve been saying it for years though, asmen we have to be careful because for brothers it’s an even playing field now. All the dirt that we’ve done and the karma we put out… it’s like an even playing field. So woman are like “okay, you know what… I want to play on the same field”…..and they’re playing to win.

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Raheem DeVaughn Talks Cheating, Double Standards & Oral Sex


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