I feel like this may be an easy answer for some and complicated for others! Either way. . .Tamar said what she said and all I wanna know is do you agree with her??? Read her IG story post below and then tell me what you think in the following Poll: Catch Ro inside The […]

Since Apryl [Omarion’s baby mama] and Lil Fizz [Omarion’s boy and group member] made the once rumors come true of their dating — things have been pretty candid between the two! Showing lots of P.D.A and then some! Sharing their first “open” kiss for the gram and world to see — that it IS real! […]

C’mon man. . . ya know what that hotline is for! Good lord *forehead smack* Via Complex: Apparently, the R. Kelly victims hotline is being bombarded by people bragging about having sex with the singer. Kelly is facing charges for allegedly performing sexual acts on multiple underage women, but the specific number of potential victims is still unknown. […]

LAWD  ya gots to be more careful! Apparently. . .a whole lot more than just Kanye’s church service went down at Coachella this year! Now concert goers are in a panic because folks clearly were actin up and not wrappin it up! *head slap* Via NY Post: Coachella festival-goers went home last weekend, presumably with […]

Ok! So. . .a lot of people were feeling some kind of way when actress Garcelle Beauvais [AKA Fancy from The Jamie Foxx Show] sent the very married Will Smith this birthday wish: People felt she was disrespectful and even reckless in her well wishes. However some people felt she was just being silly and this […]

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OMG! Now before ya go asking — Bobby V WHO — Don’t act like ya wasn’t bumping that “Slow down. . .I just wanna get to know you” or that “Oh girl. . .tell me. . .how did you get that in those jeans” LOL I’m legit a HUGE fan of Bobby’s music HOWEVER. . […]

What do ya think about this one??? Via Fox 5 DC: A disturbing new trend called “stealthing” is making its way into bedrooms nationwide, but there is nothing sexy about it and can be even dangerous. Stealthing is when a man secretly removes his condom during sex without telling his partner and without their consent. […]

Janelle Monae thinks women should stop sleeping with men until they are doing everything in their power to push for equal rights for women. The Electric Lady looked stunning on the cover of Marie Claire‘s Fresh Faces Issue, but it’s her words that are really grabbing everyone’s attention. Janelle told the magazine that women shouldn’t […]

"Fool me once shame on you. Fool me, you can't get fooled again."