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Shoes with high heels stands near the pylon in the dance studio. Shoes for striptease, pole dancing, exotic

From cop cars and handcuffs to stripper poles and G-strings! This could be the transitional path Maegan Hall takes — this after she was fired for sleeping with her colleagues!

You might recall the story of Maegan. The female cop who was fired after being caught sleeping with at least half a dozen of her fellow policemen! This happened in TN not too long ago and since the sex-capade happened well — one would think Maegan might be out of a job for a minute. Thanks to Deja Vu (a strip club in Nashville) — she could be employed again as soon as March 17th!

Yup! The Regional Director of the strip club heard about Maegan’s “talents” and thought she would be a great addition to the club! Oh — and not just one show but 2! He’s proposing that Maegan take her talents to their stage and perform 2 shows to which she’ll get paid $10K for her time ($5K a show). March 17th is significant because this date also marks the strip clubs 34th Anniversary apparently and why not have her as a guest dancer!

If you were in her position would take Deja Vu up on their offer? I don’t believe she has responded to the offer but I gotta be honest — I’m curious to see if she makes her debut (I know…I should just mind my business lol).

Anyway we will keep you posted if you care!

Details courtesy of: Source. PS I insert the post below to refresh ya memory on the who’s who.

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