TN Cop Gets Offered A $10K Stripper Gig Following Her Job Loss!


The passing. . .no excuse me the murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police struck the nerves and hearts of people all over the country. With the new details from his autopsy report. . .we all wait anxiously on what will in fact happen to the officers involved. . .that have since […]

A security guard in Toledo, Ohio, is facing a criminal charge after pulling a gun on a sheriff’s deputy when the officer wore his service weapon into an IRS office while on duty. Is the US so racist that not even a gun and badge will protect your life from being threatened for existing while black? […]

Cleveland police are trying to put the cop who murdered Tamir Rice back on the force, but Tamir's mother and people nationwide are fighting to stop the outrageous move. WE NEED YOUR VOICE EVERYONE!!!!!!! Add your voice at — MoveOn (@MoveOn) June 7, 2019  


This is the picture of Botham Jean’s mother — Allison Jean — at the funeral for her son who was fatally shot by the Dallas Officer Amber Guyger. A lot of people wondered what the outcome would be considering the details. Turns out Amber has been fired. Remember the story was that she fatally shot the […]


Police officers in Cleveland arrested a boy who appeared to be about six years old and got agitated as a bystander asked why they were full-on arresting a kid who looked like he was in second grade. No one is able to provide an answer, and instead everyone got upset at the person filming. It’s […]

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Radio One holds a Town Hall meeting with the Atlanta Police Department to lessen the tension between Black men and police officers.

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The rapper was arrested in Atlanta today for driving with a suspended license.

According to Huffington post… Police say a man impersonating an officer face charges after signaling a real detective to pull over on a road in Florida. St. Johns County authorities say 20-year-old Matthew Michael Lee McMahon activated a red and blue light Monday while driving behind an unmarked sheriff’s car. Detective Chance Anderson pulled over […]

Actor Michael Jace has found himself inside of a real life drama comparable to the ones he’s starred in on television. The former star of…

In this edition of Dumb Ass News, Rickey Smiley reports a story about a drunk driver who crashed into a police car and sped off.…

Amanda Engle, 29, was nabbed on Jan. 24 for disorderly conduct after a customer noticed her hocking a loogie into the pizza he purchased, according to The Smoking Gun. The customer just happened to be Unicoi County Sheriff’s Deputy Frank Rogers. “I sat down on the bench which is straight in front of the counter,” he wrote, […]