TN Cop Gets Offered A $10K Stripper Gig Following Her Job Loss!

Ro Digga

Lawd. . .they comin for Odell for slappin that mans butt ya! lol Ok let me start over. You might have seen the video by now of Odell super turnt in the LSU locker room [the college he went and played for] where he proceeds to slap the booty of a police officer while telling […]

Ro Digga

By now you might have heard about Botham’s neighbor Joshua Brown — who testified during the Guyger trial — and how he was shot and killed just days after his appearance in court?! Yes. He was murdered. And if this case wasn’t already smelling fishy to the public from just the original details [with Guyger […]


You might have heard how the officer who killed Tamir Rice was offered a job in a little town in OH and people were PISSED off of course! I even heard that the this police was receiving so much backlash that they stopped taking calls and began forwarding calls to 911. Well here is the […]


A 5-year-old Connecticut girl is listed in stable condition after she was accidentally fed noodles laced with the illegal hallucinogen PCP Monday. The girl’s mother, Hope Brodie, 26, had cooked PCP in a kitchen pot on Sunday and the same pot was used by a relative the next day to make the child’s dinner. The […]