TN Cop Gets Offered A $10K Stripper Gig Following Her Job Loss!


Jack Daniel’s has always made whiskey. And if they have it their way, they always will. But there’s one thing Jack can’t make more of—moments. Those are on us to create. You see friends, we only get one shot at this crazy ride, so let’s make sure we’re making the most of every moment we […]

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Ok hold up. . .cause you probably over there like wait what??? But seriously Tupac Shakur was arrested for meth possession. . . only this Tupac is a WHITE MAN from Tennessee! His government name is Tupac A. Shakur! And people were lowkey bugging out when the headline hit sites and rightfully so! Cause the […]

This is BIG news for anyone who followed this story! Via Tennessean: Cyntoia Brown, 30, who was convicted of first-degree murder when she was 16 and sentenced to life in prison, has been granted clemency by Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam. The case garnered national attention, and drew in high-profile celebrities among those advocating for her release. Haslam granted Brown a […]


A community is mourning the loss of Zaevion William Dobson, who risked his life to save others when a gunman randomly opened fire.

Nelly was arrested on grounds of felony drug and gun possession charges in Putnam County, Tennessee on Saturday morning. State trooper Michael Loftis investigated the rapper’s…

Media mogul Oprah Winfrey is known for her generosity. She is also known for being a no nonsense business woman. Oprah Winfrey put on her…


Terry Ragland, a woman in Tennessee, was incensed after her doctor, Timothy Sweo, diagnosed the source of her severe lower back pain as “ghetto booty.” “I think I blacked out after he said ghetto booty. I think my mind was just stuck on the phrase because I couldn’t believe he said that,” said Ragland, 55, in […]


Former WNBA and Tennessee star Chamique Holdsclaw must have a great lawyer. The Queens native pled guilty to shooting out the windows of her ex-girlfriend’s Range Rover back in November 2012, and won’t be going to jail for it. For those that are wondering, you can see photos of Jennifer Lacy. It’s easy to see […]

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  Rapper Rick Ross is adding restaurant owner to his business resume. The Maybach Music CEO is investing his money in a national franchise called Wingstop. Ross plans to open his first location in Memphis in a strip mall on Winchester. In a recent news release, Wingstop corporate said Ross brings a huge fan base […]