I hope you visited your optometrist this year

Ok hold up. . .cause you probably over there like wait what???

But seriously Tupac Shakur was arrested for meth possession. . . only this Tupac is a WHITE MAN from Tennessee! His government name is Tupac A. Shakur! And people were lowkey bugging out when the headline hit sites and rightfully so! Cause the Pac we know couldn’t possibly! lol Ya think his mama was a Pac fan????

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TSR STAFF: Danielle J! @prettyaries16 _____________________ Whew chile, some headlines literally make you do a double take! That was likely the reaction most people had when reading that Tupac Shakur was recently arrested for meth possession—but it’s not the hip hop icon we all know and love because this Tupac is…white. _________________________ It’s been 23 years since the greatest of all-time, rapper/actor Tupac Shakur, passed away at the young age of 25—and while there have been endless rumors about him possibly still being alive, most of us have accepted the reality. However, seeing a recent headline that he was recently arrested on a meth charge left many fans beyond puzzled. As it turns out, yes Tupac Shakur was arrested, but it happened to be a white man with the same name, according to @tmz_tv. ________________________ White Tennessee resident, Tupac A. Shakur, was initially arrested after allegedly threatening local police with a knife. Officers reportedly responded to a call regarding the 40-year-old man, due to multiple warrants out for his arrest. Upon trying to detain him, he turned toward the officers with a blade in his hand. Shakur was promptly arrested and when cops searched him, they found evidence of drugs, including a syringe and multiple bags of-Click The Link Bio To Read More! 📸: (@tmz_tv)

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