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This has to be the worst kept secret in politics but let’s try to get excited about President Obama seeking re-election.

Obama announced his 2012 campaign early this morning on his website “It Begins With Us.” He filed his papers with the Federal Election Commission today to be a 2012 candidate, a move that will allow his camp to start collecting contributions.

The wow part of this is that insiders think the president will need to raise even more than the $750 million he got in 2008. Which means the nation’s first billion-dollar campaign may be in his future. BMS is gearing up for coverage, you know it will be historic either which way.

Check the video below, it features individuals professing their desire to be involved in the Obama 2012 campaign effort. “The last couple of elections we’ve had have almost been turning point campaigns,” said one participant identified as “Ed.” Another interviewee, identified as Gladys says, “I’m kinda’ nervous about it, it’s coming, here it is, 2012 — the election.”