Welp. . .that’s it for Bernie’s presidential campaign. As of Wednesday. . .he announced that he is officially dropping out of the 2020 race. Which now leaves Joe Biden to take on the Democratic nomination and go up against President Trump this November. First Bernie broke the news to his team before addressing the nation […]

Returning to the state where he launched his political career more than three decades ago, the Republican former House speaker presented himself in sharp contrast to President Obama, whom he derided as a “food stamp president.” Gingrich sounded a hopeful tone as he pledged that a Gingrich administration would reaffirm American exceptionalism. Gingrich sought to […]

Actor & Comedian Bill Cosby is pissed at ya boy Donald Trump. Cosby told Donald Trump to “run or shut up.” Cosby was on The Today Show to talk about his efforts to support education. Before Cosby’s segment, the news show ran Meredith Vieira’s exclusive interview with Trump on a potential run for President in […]

This has to be the worst kept secret in politics but let’s try to get excited about President Obama seeking re-election. Obama announced his 2012 campaign early this morning on his website “It Begins With Us.” He filed his papers with the Federal Election Commission today to be a 2012 candidate, a move that will […]