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Method Man says he wants to put his weedhead image behind him.  Meth cites his children as a reason for leaving his stoner image in the past.

“When you get older and you got kids going to school and you know teachers and things of that nature and they see how active you are and concerned with your children’s education and well being,” Method Man says, “it’s hard to sit there and to be taken seriously if people are always talking about ‘He’s always high,” or “He’s always on weed” and stuff like that which is totally not the case.”

“I feel like when I first came out, we were young and we were doing our thing, we smoked a lot and didn’t care if the world knew.  Now, I have to use more discretion because of my kids.  This is not for me. Everything I do is for them now, so I use a bit more discretion and I don’t put weed at the forefront anymore.”

Source: The Come Up Show

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