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Pam Pinnock, DMX’s friend and long time publicist spoke to the rapper last night to clear up confusion surrounding an upcoming reality show.

According to Pinnock, who has worked with DMX for numerous years,’s report stating that the reality show was not being produced is in fact, false.

“For the record I never stated there was not a reality show and I did not state there’s a disgruntle ex-girlfriend making these false reports,” Pam Pinnock told “This has been a very exhausting week. I have received over a thousand emails with request for X. There has been so much  miscommunications surrounding press releases, reality shows, who X publicist is and who actually holds title as his manager.  This is partly due to so many  people want to be involved with X because they love and respect him so much. While X was in prison many fans as well as professionals reached out to him and offered their services.”

Prior to the rapper’s release from prison, Pinnock had been out of the country traveling and was not made aware of the various professionals DMX had agreed to work with.

“X called me a few days ago and confirmed he had agreed to work with a select few and asked that I work in conjunction with these individuals. Last night he called me again and requested that I clear up the rumors circulating that there is no reality show.

“‘Yes, I am doing a reality show'” Pinnock said DMX stated. Additionally, DMX is planning on tightening his inner circle as he reemerges on the Hip-Hop scene. 

“The fact that there is indeed a reality show in the works,” Pam Pinnock clarified to “[DMX has made a] decision to take a step back and reevaluate who’s phony and who’s fake in the DMX compound. In the coming weeks  DMX will make an official announcement as to who stays and who goes as he makes his rounds in the hip hop community and we can all watch as the king of hip hop reclaims his crown.”


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