Now I know from personal experience that your pets can become like one of your family members but now this is taking it to another (strange) level. A British woman named Elizabeth Hoad went on tv and decided to commit to spending the rest of her life with her best friend who happens to be […]


Ay. . .if it helps. . .let’s go! Ya better ask about therapy dogs. . .really dogs period! They can definitely bring the best outta you! Via Complex: Veteran guard J.R. Smith has had an up-and-down season for the Cavaliers, but on Wednesday night, he found himself on fire. Smith shot 8-for-9 from the field and […]


C’mon United! Ya just actin up now. SMH This is outta control dammit! Japan? Really? Oh but wait there’s more: Catch Ro inside The Day Party weekdays beginning at 3pm! 


Now this story right here is CRAZY. First of all. . .I WISH someone would tell me to put my DOG in the overhead bin! WTF We actually opened up the phone lines to determine who people thought were more in the wrong of this very unfortunate situation: The Airlines|Flight Attendant or the Family for […]

This woman’s dog was supposed to go in for a cleaning, but Bernie Jenkins calls to tell her the dog was neutered. Listen to the audio…

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DMX is honest to a fault sometimes! So, when TMZ caught up with him to ask if he had ever eaten any of his dog’s food…

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Why would a man let his barking dog in the house before his yelling wife? Listen to Rock-T‘s  Joke Of The Day in the audio player to find out! …

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Now there’s plenty of thieves out there that take every avenue possible to taking your stuff! But, this attempted theft is the worst of the worst. On a city bus in Toledo, Ohio, a man appears to make his way to the front of the bus to exit when all of a sudden his true […]

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Police  say that a woman arrested for erratic driving attempted to hide a pipe and meth stash in her vagina, only to be busted by a drug sniffing dog. Nicole Lynn Denzer, 23, was stopped by a Centennial Lakes police officer during the early morning of Oct. 2, when a patrolling officer noticed her straddling […]


Police in Waco, Texas arrested 22-year-old Michael Daniel Monday after he allegedly ate a dog!  STORY: Lay Off Those Salts! Woman Urinates On $30 Mili Painting While High On Bath Salts  Family members called police on June 14th, saying Daniel assaulted people at the home. They say he also chased a neighbor while barking and […]


These new synthetic drugs are just plain crazy: Bath Salts are on the radar for police across the country. Now, a Kansas City woman’s bizarre attack has left local police wondering if she was taking the same kind of drug as the man who bit into another man’s face in Miami, FL. In Miami earlier […]