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These new synthetic drugs are just plain crazy:

Bath Salts are on the radar for police across the country. Now, a Kansas City woman’s bizarre attack has left local police wondering if she was taking the same kind of drug as the man who bit into another man’s face in Miami, FL.

In Miami earlier this month, police said a man was on the synthetic drug when he brutally attacked a homeless man. Police said the suspect wouldn’t stop when they approached, so they shot and killed him. The victim did survive, but is undergoing some serious reconstructive surgeries.

Now police are explaining just why they think the same drug could be involved in the two cases.

One of that woman’s neighbors told police she bit him on the arm, then got down on all fours and started digging in the dirt. It’s one of several incidents that have police doing more research about all the new synthetic narcotics on the market.

“I’ve seen her do some crazy stuff, but not that,” Charles McBride said.

McBride watched as police approached the woman at apartments near 61st Street and Prospect Avenue.

“I saw her on the ground, like she was digging in the ground, like a dog would. And they tried to grab her and then she started kicking back at them,” McBride said.

According to the police report, “her left leg was mule-kicking and she had what appeared to be dirt in her mouth.”

“They may respond to you in a way that just absolutely makes no sense,” Detective Chris Onik with the Kansas City Police Department said of people on the new synthetic drug.

Onik said people on some synthetics exhibit behaviors similar to those high on PCP.

“It does make it difficult when they’re aggressive and combative towards you and then they’re non-responsive and delusional and they may be hallucinating,” Onik said.

According to the police report, the officer who responded to last week’s report on Prospect Avenue first thought the woman was “under the influence of PCP,” then noted the woman’s eyes were “dilated instead of constricted as they are…(with)…PCP,” which had him speculate that Bath Salts might be to blame.

Whether they actually were isn’t known at this time. Neighbors said the woman acted strangely all the time.

“Every time I’ve met her, she’s been off the chain, way off the chain. Everything she says and everything she does,” McBride said.

But the behavior has come to police enough as of late, that they’re taking action.

“We’re currently putting together a training block to cover the generic types, the basic things you’re going to see, going over behavior, how that stuff is going to impact a person, what to look for, if you do find it, what to do with it,” Onik said.

Part of the training will advise officers to bring whatever they find on the person to the hospital with that person, even if it’s not identifiable as a drug. That way doctors can better treat the person and police can start tracking what’s going on with the stuff.

As for the woman involved in the incident, her landlord said she hasn’t returned home and believes she may still be in the hospital or in a mental health facility.