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Different strokes for different folks right? When slapping skins do you and your boo go the Ol’ Dirty Ba*tard route and “Like it Raw” or do you still play it safe and live De La Soul’s “Jimmy” lifestyle?

In this day and age it seems that cheating has only grown more rampant, despite advances in AIDS research there is now super-gonorrhea to contend with. Of course all those concerns seem to go out the window when love and especially marriage come into the picture, so when is the perfect time, if ever for the condoms to come off in your relationship??? Is it a timing thing — after a couple of months is it “only natural” to do it sans protection, or do you have a lengthy discussion followed by some partnered STD testing before taking that step. Is marriage the magical moment to start getting it in without protection or do you use condoms even then?

At What Point In A Relationship Do The Condoms Come Off?

– Condoms? What are those?

– The Pill has been the birth control method of choice for me and my love thang!

– As long as I see some clean test results and have access to Plan B we can get it cracking without the latex after six months of dating.

– Not until marriage. Can’t trust NOBODY!

– It took a couple of years dating, but we don’t use condoms anymore.

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