#DayPartyDilemma Where are all the binge watchers at?! Man every time I turn around somebody is in my ear talking about “did you watch such and such yet” and sadly more times than not I’m like “No!” because I can’t keep up with all these shows! However — if you can convince me that said show […]

Push Gifts? Are you requiring one from your boo after you push out your bundle of joy?

Oh lawd. . .in the days of Lil Fizz and Apryl situations. . .you an imagine how sensitive this subject is! But the reality is. . .your boo [male or female] COULD be into your friend and not you! In this case ladies. . .here’s 10 signs your man might be romantically into your home […]

OF COURSE she was featured on the Dr. Phil show! She’s a 16 year old African American teen who clearly hates her own self and 100 percent sees herself as a Caucasian! According to her mother — Treasure wouldn’t even play with black children and would totally destroy her black dolls! I heard she would […]

Whew child. . .just when we thought these clothing lines learned a lesson from that H&M “Coolest Monkey. . .” situation here comes another questionable piece AND it’s got the nerve to cost $168 for this top! However with all of the backlash coming from offended women [and fellas]. . .some think people need to […]

So I came up with this question from a blog on Madamenoire where this was brought up: Can a relationship that is based on a lie, or multiple lies, actually work? I think it can work for a while, but not for the long term. For instance, a girlfriend of mine dated a guy who said that […]


Via Bossip: After responding to a report of a domestic incident on May 6 in Weirton, W.Va., then-Weirton police officer Stephen Mader found himself confronting an armed man. Immediately, the training he had undergone as a Marine to look at “the whole person” in deciding if someone was a terrorist, as well as his situational […]

So this man did what some would look at him all the way sideways for. . .his reasoning? Just watch: Do you agree with his statement and actions? Follow RoDigga @RoDigga on Twitter|Instagram|FaceBook and be sure to tune in weekdays 10am-3pm on Z1079!

Source | Huffington Post A police officer who choked an unarmed man to death on a public sidewalk will not face trial. This is the second recent high-profile case in which a grand jury declined to indict a white police officer who had killed an unarmed black civilian — first Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, […]

So, all you have to do is watch the video to get what’s got this mother fired up. Do you think this was justified? Keep it real… Leave comments below. Be sure to tune into the Midday’s weekly 10am-3pm with RoDigga! Facebook Main: ro.digga Facebook 2: rodigga2 Twitter: @RoDigga Instagram: @RoDigga


This story is so unfortunate! This child was 7yrs old! How do we ge through to our youth on Bullying & the right way to treat others? Parents, how do you seek out the signs and ask the right questions? Let’s Discuss! – RoDigga Police in Detroit are investigating the possible suicide of a 7-year-old boy, […]