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Ro and Ryan got a question for our cousins! So if you are the sentimental type -- this one might be a little complicated!

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#DayPartyDilemma Where are all the binge watchers at?! Man every time I turn around somebody is in my ear talking about “did you watch such and such yet” and sadly more times than not I’m like “No!” because I can’t keep up with all these shows! However — if you can convince me that said show […]


It’s sad that we live in a time where this is even necessary but this Pennsylvania school isn’t taking any chances with their students. According to the New York Post, all the students were given bulletproof, military-style shields for their backpacks as a present. The products are called SafeShield and are made by Unequal Technologies, a […]

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So 50 cent’s son is now 21 and 50 is officially off Child Support. And 50 Had a Off Child Support Party. lol As A dude with a Basketball Team of Kids myself, I was thinking would I or any of my friends actually throw a Off Support party, probably not foreal but I wanted […]